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NBS’ Mother’s Day Delight

The National Building Society Sunday celebrated Mother’s Day with a difference as it invited it’s employees’ children to share  messages with their mothers!

The society’s Head of Marketing, Mildret Kujinga said the idea was born out of the need to appreciate mothers who are key in building communities and strengthening societies.

“As a bank that builds communities we realise that Musha mukadzi and ” this means that the communities we build are anchored by women- our mothers and it delights us to extend love and care to mothers as they have a special role to nurture our future leaders and instilling descipline and values to the world,” Kujinga said.

Children who attended the Mother’s Day luncheon
She added that culture has taught communities that being a mother is not only because one has given birth to a child but it can be through giving mentorship ,caring or through being an aunt or sister.

“I strongly believe that as parents our children drive us to push beyond boundaries in all we do- work included” said Kujinga

“We had overwhelmingly lots of our employees children recording hearty and emotional messages, wishing their mother’s and all the mothers a Happy Mother’s day ” she added.

The event was graced by Chipo Muchegwa a Zimbabwean musician differently abled mother who recently received an electric wheelchair from NBS.

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Chipo Muchegwa

“Motherhood has taught me to be patient and kind, and daughter has given me a purpose to live” said Muchegwa.

She further encouraged all mothers to continue to be loving and supporting their children.

“NBS builds, banks and definitely goes beyond in all in does. It is a happy mother’s to all the mothers from NBS,” Kujinga further said.

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