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Palestinian Embassy In Harare Chastises Israel For Human Rights Abuses

The embassy of the state of Palestine in Harare has strongly condemned the continued human rights abuses perpetrated on Palestinians by the Israeli government and called upon the international community to help fight for the Israeli cause.

By Maria Chiguvari and Marceline Madzura 

This comes in the wake of gross human rights violations like the execution of women and children by the Israeli apartheid state.

In a statement, the Palestinian ambassador to Zimbabwe, Tamer Almassri castigated the recent killing of a Palestinian woman at the hands of the Israeli apartheid force.

“Ghada Sabateen a widow living with visual disabilities and a mother of 6 children from Husan village, Bethlehem was murdered in cold blood by Israeli apartheid force. She is the third Palestinian to be killed by apartheid Israeli forces gunfire within 24 hours,” noted Almassri.

Almassri added that the Israeli government should be held accountable for these deaths considering that the army is acting on specific instructions to kill innocent Palestinians.

“We hold Apartheid Israeli government fully and directly responsible for these heinous crimes, especially in light of the new instructions and incitements issued at the high political and military level like the extremist Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to the settlers and soldiers,” said Almassri and added: “These facilitate them to shoot and kill the Palestinians as pre-death sentences.”

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Israel’s treatment of Palestinians violates fundamental principles of international law but little is being done to reign in Israel which has since been labelled an apartheid state.

A recent Amnesty International noted that massive seizures of Palestinian land and property, unlawful killings, forcible transfer, drastic movement restrictions, and the denial of nationality and citizenship to Palestinians are all components of a system that amounts to apartheid under international law.

While Almassri appreciated the support from the European Union which expressed grave concern on the extra-Judicial killing of Ghada Sabateen, the Embassy of Palestine is: “Disappointed with the international community’s failure to act against the Israeli violations on Palestinians,” read the statement in part.

“We, therefore, call on the progressive peoples, governments, and human rights organizations to condemn and hold Apartheid Israel accountable for these heinous crimes and protect our people.”

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