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Parirenyatwa Health Workers Protest Against Slashed Allowances

Health workers at Parirenyatwa Hospital staged a demonstration at the Health Service Board (HSB) offices demanding better working conditions and an explanation on why some allowances were deducted from their salaries.

The placard wielding workers besieged HSB offices at the institution burst into song and dance as they sought explanation from their employer.

An address by hospital Chief Executive Officer Ernest Manyawu yielded nothing as the nurses continuously disrupted saying they only want their money.

A nurse who spoke on condition of anonymity said they cannot work because of the ‘little’ salary they are getting.

“The money that I have been earning cannot sustain me and the next thing you have that little salary being slashed. I use public transport yet executive of the Health Service Board are driving top of the range vehicles, they are entitled to fuel and airtime allowance.

“I am forced to use public transport and when I knock off no one bothers to check if I had arrived home safe. I am paying rent in US dollars and everything that I am paying is pegged in US. It is not fair right now I cannot afford to buy my own pant. Some people will label us and it has been like that. They have never communicated with us on their action to slash our salaries and this is the repercussion of their actions.” said the nurse

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The health worker were later addressed by Health Apex chairperson Enoch Dongo who said he had a meeting with executives from the Heath Services Board

“We had a meeting with the HSB executives and we told him why you are all gathered here. He promised to respond to our grievances which we had already sent to the board. However, on the way forward we are going to engage other health unions tomorrow morning and come up with a position. As of now we have a position as the Health Apex, we are only waiting signatures from the other 22 unions” said Dongo

The workers expressed disappointment over what they called bad faith from their employer after their June pay slips reflected slashed allowances of over ZWL$ 2500. The workers were drawn from all departments at the hospital who include nurses, engineering department, nurse aides and general hands.

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