Residents Raise Alarm Over Uncollected Garbage

Labels City Fathers Failures

Sunningdale residents have expressed concern over the delays by City of Harare to collect garbage in suburbs saying this smacks of failure to properly execute their duties.

This comes after the City of Harare procured 30 refuse trucks with the Mayor of Harare, Bernard Manyenyeni promising that Harare will never be a dirty city again.

Speaking to 263Chat, Sunningdale residents bemoaned what they described as a health hazard owing to uncollected garbage, calling on the city fathers to act and save them from potential diseases especially now that the rain season is fast approaching.

“This place is no longer safe especially for children and us elders it’s been a long since litter was collected, we don’t know what to do now, if we send reports to the City council, they tell us that they don’t have resources to collect the garbage.

“Surprisingly we heard that the City council purchased 30 refuse trucks and Manyenyeni was quoted in daily newspapers saying Harare will never be a dirty city again, I think it’s time now as residents we realise that MDC has failed,” said one Mrs Makichi from Sunningdale.

“If we raise some complains to the City Council the guys are very rude, they tell us to be responsible as citizens and collect litter on our own, now we don’t understand their duty l think there is need to reshuffle the stuff because they proved to be a failure from the mayor to the last person,” said Paul Sigauke a Sunningdale resident.

Reached for a comment, City of Harare spokesperson, Michael Chideme said residents will begin to see refuse trucks as they had already been deployed to the various district centres.

“Deployment was done today in the morning (Tuesday) if you can check in the CBD there should now work in progress since we deployed the recently imported trucks,” said Chideme.

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