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Rural Teachers President Abducted, Tortured Over Strike

President of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ), Obert Masaraure was last night abducted by suspected state security following a just ended three day strike over low salaries and high cost of living, his union has said.

According to Masaraure, at least six men with masked faces and heavily armed with AK47s abducted him from his Waterfalls home in view of his wife and children.

He was taken to an unknown location where he was stripped naked, severely assaulted and interrogated about ARTUZ’s industrial action and told to stop mobilizing teachers to go on strike.

Masaraure was then dumped naked by his abductors and abandoned. He managed to walk until he found someone who gave him clothes and money to make his way home.

He is currently undergoing medical treatment.

ARTUZ condemns this shocking violation of the rights of the president and the continued assault against the union in response to our legal and peaceful actions to address legitimate labour issues.

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