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Tryson Chimbetu Goes Dirty With ‘Maria’

Following the release of Maria visuals off Kana Mazogara album, Dendera music ace, Tryson Chimbetu has hogged the limelight over lyrics carried in his latest offering which appears to feed into the boiling topic on dirty lyrics dominating local music.

The latest wave of ‘vulgar’ themes could have claimed the late Naison Chimbetu’s son Tryson who had over the years made a name for maintaining the original Dendera sound.

This time around, Tryson appeared to borrow heavily from the Zimdancehall popularised Yekedero chant which connotes unprotected sex.

Speaking to this publication, Chimbetu said the incorporation of those lyrics is part of his efforts to appeal to a wider and young audience.

“What you are experiencing with the new album Kana Mazogara which carries the song Maria is a deliberate focus on fusing Dendera with other genres to appeal to a wider and younger audience.

“Other songs on the album, however, retain the undiluted Dendera feel and that fusion of genres has helped enhance our appeal. It’s no longer the sombre and laid back sound that I was known for but we also brought in that funky feel to our sound which helped in a big way judging by the feedback,” said Tryson.

He cleared the Yekedero chant in the song saying it does not refer to unprotected sex.

“I am not one for dirty lyrics and that approach remains to this day. What we have simply done is to incorporate a few chants that in a way may be seen as alluding to lewd lyrics.

“If you listen to that seemingly controversial part of the song you will understand that I clearly explain that I am talking about an awaited bonus payment that should come undeducted (haisati yapinda bonus yekedero),” he said.

Outside Zimdancehall where lewd lyrics are common, Jah Prayzah and Baba Harare have also joined the bandwagon using dirty lyrics to push their content.




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