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UK Calls On Mnangagwa To Implement Reforms

The United Kingdom government has called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to deliver the promised economic and political reforms as the troubled Southern African nation continues to face a myriad of challenges.

Britain’s International Development Secretary, Alok Sharma said the government needs to deliver on its promises and must take responsibility of the struggling masses.

“The Government of Zimbabwe must do more to deliver the promised fundamental political and economic reforms and take responsibility for the humanitarian crisis affecting its people.

“The UK stands with the people of Zimbabwe at a time when millions are at risk of starvation and disease. Through trusted partners, we will continue to give families access to food and clean water, and support children to gain a decent education,” said Sharma.

Mnangagwa, prior to his election a year ago, had promised to fast track the implementation of key reforms which would see the country take a new trajectory towards re-engagement, especially with the Western countries.

Meanwhile, the UKAid made a donation of £49 million which will go towards the support of an estimated 5.5 million people who are in dire need of food aid.

The aid will be channelled to trusted partners to help malnourished children, families and communities following a UN Zimbabwe appeal.

Zimbabwe is facing a chronic food crisis as crops have been devastated by the effects of drought, economic crisis and a powerful cyclone.

Without support, more than 5.5 million people in Zimbabwe will not have access to the food they need by 2020.

The food crisis is closely linked to the economic challenges in Zimbabwe which have led to high unemployment and high inflation.

Having already experienced outbreaks of cholera following the devastation of Cyclone Idai earlier this year, water shortages are also leaving the country more susceptible to further outbreaks as people struggle to find clean sources of drinking water.

UK Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Melanie Robinson said: “All money will go through trusted aid partners and we will keep pressing for #ActionOnReform to deal with deeper economic and political challenges.”

She allayed fears that the ai will be abused for political means saying: “The main partners will be @WFP_Zimbabw for food aid and cash transfers and @UNICEFZIMBABWE for cholera preparedness and health crisis response. Both trusted partners who have a strong history of reaching intended beneficiaries in Zimbabwe.”

Zimbabwe has a history of abusing donor aid which is normally used for political expedience by the ruling party, ZanuPF, to feed its supporters while starving off alleged opposition members

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