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Young Artists Sing For Wetlands


Young and upcoming artists are set to battle it out on December 2, 2017 at a singing competition organized by the Harare Wetlands Trust (HWT).

The singing competition which will be held at Kamunhu Shopping Centre in Mabvuku is meant to raise awareness among residents over the need to protect wetlands.

Besides runoff, wetlands are the major sources of water for Harare and the HWT has embarked on several programmes in a bid to preserve the important water sources.

The programmes also include mobilizing community members to be part of Local Environmental Action Plans (LEAPs) which are locally approved plans for the management of the environment.

Speaking on the singing competition, Birdlife Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer, Julia Pierini said they had decided to use music as it s a powerful tool for communicating with communities.

She highlighted that wetlands are critical to ensure continued water supply in Harare.

“Harare Wetlands Trust has organized a singing and songwriting competition which will be running under the theme “Wetlands/Matoro”. This is a fun event to create awareness on the critical importance of wetlands. The winner will take home US$100, the first runner up will get US$60 and the second runner up will get $US40. The competition and prize giving will take place on Saturday at Kamunhu Shopping centre,” said Pierini.

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“Harare is at risk of running out of water because its wetland ecosystems are being destroyed by construction and agriculture. As Harare is being built on its catchment basin, its wetlands must be preserved for water. In the face of a changing climate, we need our wetlands more than ever. They filter, clean and store water, reduce the effects of drought and floods by regularizing water flow, store carbon and much more.

“Harare’s population is growing and demanding housing and jobs. Where will the water come from to support this urbanization if we destroy the wetlands? Harare cannot survive on rainfall runoff alone. Intact wetlands provide water all year round.”

Corruption has also been blamed for continued wetlands destruction in Harare.

Currently, residents of Hillside are battling to save Hillside Park which has been invaded by unidentified individuals who have begun construction projects on the park which is a wetland and also serves as a recreational facility.

Harare Mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni has since raise the red flag over the issue saying there ought to be investigations over the allocation of the park for construction purposes.

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