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Youths Commended For Participating In National Development


The Social Democrats Association (SODA) has applauded the youths participation in the national development saying the country will never die when its young population are fully involved in advancing independence.

In a statement to mark 42 years of independence, SODA acknowledged the sacrificial contribution made by both living and fallen heroes and heroines to the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe.

“Joshua Nkomo made a priceless observation and insight, in his own words when he said, “the country will never die the young people will save it,” reads part of the statement.

“We feel now is the time to exhort our government, civil society organizations, churches and communities to consider the independence as an ongoing process through reflecting on devolution, patriotic bill, PVO bill, independence and separation of powers between governance institutions,” added SODA.

SODA highlighted that a meaningful implementation of devolution is synonymous to youth empowerment and inclusion in the crucial decision making boards, since there is no age discrimination concerning inclusion in provincial councils.

“As we speak, Zimbabwean independence is trapped at the central government level and it ought to be released to different provinces, districts and wards, devolution implementation can also be said to be a process of taking independence to the people. The ongoing attempt by the central government to implement devolution through Provincial Councils Administration Amendment Bill cannot be accepted and trusted because the central government still retains control over provincial councils instead of being merely an overseer,” said SODA.

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