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Chamisa Hails Malawians After ConCourt Ruling


MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa has hailed the judiciary system and the people of Malawi after the historic Constitutional Court ruling to overturn the 2019 Presidential election results.

Chamisa who was addressing journalists following a recent countrywide tour said the MDC was excited that the continent had bright spots of justice.

“We are so excited that on the continent we still have bright spots and promising out pots of justice. I hope that other courts in the various capitals of Africa will also continue to be independent without looking at which political party you belong to. We are so happy and we in touch with our colleagues in Malawi,” Chamisa said.

He applauded the unity that was exhibited by the people of Malawi saying it was beyond political lines.

“I want to salute the unity that we saw in Malawi. The Malawi issue was not led by political parties, of course political parties were the engines but you must have citizens come in. Citizens must be united for action, which is what we have seen in Egypt when citizens are united beyond political parties they can achieve far more.

“Political parties play their role but our problem is that everyone wants to outsource their freedom to MDC and not just MDC, but Chamisa what are you doing? I am doing a lot to keep the flame of hope aglow and we must all support that flame as citizens. Malawi has done what we are proud of,” he said

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The Malawi Constitutional Court overturned the May 2019 election results citing irregularities in the manner the elections were held as well as tempering of result figures.

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