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China Eyes Investment In All Sectors of Zim Economy

A Chinese delegation currently in the country has told President Emmerson Mnangagwa of their government’s commitment to explore investment opportunities in areas such as agriculture and processing, information technology, architecture and infrastructure, human resources among other key sectors.

Addressing the media after the signing of the Memorandum Of Understanding in Harare yesterday, Chinese Anhui Deputy Governor Zhou Xi’an said his visit is mainly to implement the agreement that  they made with President Mnangagwa when he visited China in April.

“Your President visited China in April and my visit to Zimbabwe is mainly to implement the agreement that we made with President Mnangagwa especially in the areas of economy and trade.

“We give priority to Zimbabwe in our work so we have mapped our future plans,we will try our best to develop the agricultural sector to secure food in Zimbabwe,” he said.

He added that they are interested to invest in all sectors of the economy including the plantation of agriculture production among others.

“We will work together to improve the plantation of agriculture production and secondly is the cooperation with us in the field of manufacturing we have our company that has engaged in cooperation with Quest motors from Zimbabwe.

“We also have an agricultural machinery company  which has done some work in Zimbabwe,besides that we need to cooperate in the fields of energy and we have a solar energy power company that has come to Zimbabwe.

“We also expect cooperation in the fields of human resources and communication and Tourism field for now we are expecting to cooperate in specific fields but in the future we are expecting to cover every field in the country,” said Zhou.

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