Leaked WhatsApp Chats Reveal Factions In MDC-A

The Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance Bulawayo province is in disarray in the wake allegations levelled against its Women Assembly Provincial Chairlady Tendai Masotsha, who was implicated in the abduction of Tawanda Muchehiwa by suspected state security agents in the run-up to the 31 July anti-corruption demonstration.

Masotsha is currently under investigation from the party’s national organising department but she denies any wrongdoing claiming she was also arrested on the same day that Muchehiwa was abducted by unknown assailants.

In the ensuing drama, the party’s provincial spokesperson, Swithern Chirodza, has been at loggerheads with other members after he called for the suspension of Masontha without seeking guidance from the national leadership.

The Party’s National Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere last week, however, issued a statement saying they are conducting investigations into the issue though she remained mum on the suspension.

In a leaked National Council WhatsApp group chat, Provincial Women’s Spokesperson,  Barbara Tanyanyiwa reprimanded Chirodza for jumping the gun and calling for the suspension of Masotsha before investigations were concluded.

“This is hypocrisy honestly speaking. We have a Provincial Chairlady Cde Tendai Luna Masotsha who was arrested on Thursday, tortured and heavily beaten and released early morning on the 31st of July and not even a single statement was issued.

“We are just kicking about this struggle. No wonder why after 20 years we are still struggling to take power. How can we defeat ZanuPF if we hate each other like this? We have a struggle within a struggle. We have People rejoicing over the arrest of a fellow comrade and we call ourselves social democrats.

“Fake people in the struggle who are only interested in personal gains over the suffering majority. Hapana kwatiri kuenda. Asiyi ndawo la macdes (We are not going anywhere Cdes). We have lost our ideology as a party and I think we need to go back to the drawing board. Amongst all leaders in Bulawayo, only Prof Ncube contacted Masotsha to ask how she was. Pathetic! Long walk to freedom. A party which is full of fake democrats shame. Mwari pindirai (God intervene),” Tanyanyiwa said in the group.

In response, Chirodza shot back and asked if Tanyanyiwa was speaking on behalf of Masotsha and if she had cared to inquire about his personal being.

“Have you asked about my own welfare seeing you care about Masotsha? Has Masotsha chosen you as her spokesperson?” Chiroodza inquired at which Tanyanyiwa retorted that she was speaking as a leader in the party.

“I represent all women in the party and I belong to Byo Province. I asked you on the 31st if you were going to issue a statement on Masotsha and you said you were going to do that on the 1st. To my surprise, you issue statements of events that happened after Masotsha’s arrest that’s where my concern is,” she said.

Binga Member of Parliament Prince Dubeko Sibanda weighed in and accused Chirodza of trying to use personal issues to settle party issues at a time when he should be focusing on pressing party issues.

“It’s unfortunate that you are resorting to your personal circumstances at a time you are being asked to undertake your role in the party. I think these are different lanes, my brother. We can sympathize with your personal situation but still expect you to properly undertake your public role.

“That means reporting every member’s predicament without discrimination. That means reporting on what has happened to Hon Watson, the Chairlady and everyone in your province. Don’t appeal to your emotions to evade a fair request or observation from a member. Thus why we are guiding our brother who is about to miss the real target of our struggle. This is time to bury little differences and concentrate on the bigger picture. We have work to do,” Dubeko Sibanda retorted.

Gweru Urban Member of Parliament Brian Dube accused the MDC Alliance party leadership of lacking leadership qualities and failing to address issues in an amicable manner.

“This makes me feel that the people we have in positions of leadership are not leaders at all. Iwe neni tine basa. Kukhulwa kokhuphela (We are always growing).  Anyway, the People’s Movement will not die. All factionalists, divisionist and zvipfukuto (weevils) will not succeed.

“To all Cdes suffering, in police custody, in hiding, on bail restrictions and suffering, be strong. Muchapiwa korona (You will be rewarded). All traitors and unworthy, know that history will judge you harshly and you will also leave your ancestors’ graves to shame for betraying the People’s hope through selfish factional obsessions. I dislike you all factionalists and pliz (please) just know that you are the beddest thing that has ever happened to you,” Dube said.

MDC Alliance sources told 263Chat that there are fears that the party might have been captured by a few outsiders who are trying to influence decisions.

“We have someone like Professor Jonathan Moyo, he has been trying so hard to make sure things go his way, he is capturing the party and was vocal in calling for the suspension of Masotcha before we even heard her side of the story, she deserves to be heard,” said the source.

Moyo had earlier tweeted that Masotsha be suspended by the party.

“Since the case, abduction and torture is (are) an atrocity and since Tendai Masotsha has been implicated by the victim, Tawanda Muchehiwa, with corroborating evidence from Advent and Amandlenkosi; the public would expect MDC-A to suspend Tendai Masotsha, pending finalisation of her case!”

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