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Draw a line between gvt and party resources  Zanu PF told

Election Resource Center (ERC) Executive Director, Tawanda Chimhinhi has underscored the need for the ruling party to separate party business from government business.

Speaking to 263chat, Chimhinhi said the abuse of state resources for campaign purposes is detrimental to the development of the country.

His comments come after Zanu PF disbursed housing stands to its Youth League, a move that has raised eyebrows as many question whether the land belongs to the state or the party.

“There must be clarity on whether the Housing scheme is a party or government program. The real problem that is arising from this is that there is no clear demarcation on who owns this land.

“Does the party which organized the event own the land that was given to the youths? If not, it raises a stink because under no circumstances should state land be given on a partisan basis while depriving other citizens,” said Chimhini.

He added that suppose the land is state owned and Zanu PF went on to distribute it under  party name, then it is cheap politicking given that in less 23 months Zimbabwe will be going for polls.

“What one must understand is that we are now heading towards elections and there is a tendency by the ruling party to abuse state funds to benefit its supporters while neglecting other people.

“Yes we understand the government is trying to fight poverty and proving stands is one way of fighting poverty, but when it is done, it should be in good faith and not be used to further any political party’s campaigning interests,” Chimhini said.

During the launch of the housing scheme last week Zanu PF Youth Deputy Secretary Kudzai Chipanga said vowed that the land will only be available to active party youths.

Another critic, Obert Gutu, who is the MDC-T spokesperson said the disbursement of these stands is a vote buying method for the urban dwellers and Zanu PF has run out of ideas to address the economy which he says was on its knee.

“The government is bankrupt and millions of Zimbabweans are desperate for jobs, food and shelter. By thronging the Zanu PF HQ, these desperate home seekers are merely expressing their anger and frustration with the government’s failure to successfully address the deteriorating socio-economic crisis in Zimbabwe. Things will certainly get worse before they get better,” said MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu.

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