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Gweru Lawyer, Musician Tackles Child Abuse in New Song


Gweru based lawyer and musician, Tinashe Davira, has weaved his legal experience and artistry to produce a gem titled Pavanofamba. The single which is taken of his forthcoming album does not engage intellectually and aesthetically but also emotionally.

Pavanofamba addresses issues of child marriages and abuse of girl children at a time when we, as Zimbabwe, are grappling with rising cases of young girls turning to prostitution, barely eking a living out of the unfashionable old profession.

Davira, who on his previous and first project, Kugara Nhaka, was known as Jazzy Jazz, decided to use his birth name on this project and perhaps on all projects in future.

He mentions that the decision to let his real name out was motivated by the realization that as a lawyer, he has a duty and obligation to represent abused children through the legal system, therefore he had to make it easy for victims to identify him as the lawyer and musician.

On Pavanofamba, Davira roped in the service of veteran songstress and fiery bassist Edith Weutonga who provides backing vocals. Edith’s motherly and steady voice opens up the song providing a counter melody before Tinashe’s verses come in.

This contrast gives the song a firm grip on the hearts of even the stony hearted among us. The message, the musicality and the artistry create a complex web which captures all hearts.

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Just like his previous efforts, Tinashe Davira, shows he is wordsmith of sorts. One cannot help but notice how he strings a verse with idiophones and idioms only but still manage to make the song accessible.

In a way his extensive use of, for a lack of better expression, deep Shona, exposes malcontents among us, who commit rape under the pretext of culture. Our culture clearly, has no room for rapists and there can never be an excuse for such heinous acts. The call by Davira is simple regai dzive shiri mazai haana muto. Stop the abuse!


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