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Israeli Attacks On Christian Pilgrims Condemned

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in Harare has condemned Israeli’s pursuit of religious war against Christians during the  Easter ceremony in a bid to Judaize Jerusalem.  

This follows Apartheid Israel forces’  violent attacks,  injuring, arrests of worshipers and illegal restrictions on the entry of Christian pilgrims and worshippers to the sacred Church of the Holy Sepulchre- the holy site where Jesus Christ is believed was crucified and resurrected.

“We strongly condemn Israeli occupation forces’ closure of al-Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of Hebron to worshippers, in addition to the continued incursions and attacks on the blessed al-Aqsa Mosque, considering these dangerous measures an attack on the sanctity of Islamic holy sites, calling on the international community to take urgent action to put an end to these serious violations that fuel violence, tension, and instability in the region and impose sanctions on this apartheid state of Israel to abide by international law.

“As a consequence of the obstruction of freedom of movement caused by Israeli military occupation, access to worship has been compromised for many years with Christians and Muslims being barred from conducting their religious ceremonies,” a statement from the Embassy reads.

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Palestine accused Israel of deliberately attacking and killing peaceful worshipers.

“These actions are part of Apartheid Israel’s plans to promote an exclusively Jewish city by depriving the native Muslim and Christian Palestinians of their rights, including their right to worship.

“We call on the international churches leaders to compel Apartheid Israel to respect the historical and legal status quo in Jerusalem and its holy sites and must stop all restrictive and provocative measures against the Christians and Muslims of Jerusalem,” the Embassy said.

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