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Komichi Takes Aim At Biti, Ncube

As the opposition MDC saga rages on, chairman of the Dr Thokozani Khupe led grouping has castigated MDC Alliance deputy presidents Tendai Biti and Professor Welshman Ncube saying they joined the Alliance for personal gains.

In an exclusive interview with 263Chat, MDC Senator for Midlands Morgan Komichi said Biti joined the Alliance for his personal convenience and gains.

This follows Biti’s remarks in which he criticized the recalling of four members of the MDC Alliance from parliament at the instigation.

“It is his own choice, he is free to say what he wants legal or illegal, wrong or right. He is doing it for his personal convenience he knows what he wants to achieve. He knows MDC Alliance is not a party. He did not dissolve PDP which still exists under Lucia Matibenga,” said Komichi.

He said it was only Welshman Ncube who dissolved his MDC party to join the main MDC-T but is trying to run away and is unprepared to engage.

“Actually it is Ncube who wrote a letter to dissolve his MDC party to join the MDC (T). He did not join the MDC alliance but he joined main MDC-T that is there on record. He is trying to run away, he is not prepared to engage because he has his own personal ambitions. Ncube knows MDC Alliance is not a party.

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“He (Ncube) is trying to run away from the truth by telling lies. When people benefit from an illegal process they benefit something tangible in their lives. Unfortunately the Supreme Court and High Court judgments have nullified the benefits. Definitely they will appear unreasonable but when they are in their bedrooms and with friends they will be telling the truth that they have been thrown under the bus,” said Komichi

Komichi also dismissed allegations that he was being sponsored by Zanu PF to destroy the MDC  saying he was a victim of the regime as he was jailed for declaring Chamisa the winner of 2018 elections.

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