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Madirirano Rebuffs Ghetto Audience?

Amid widespread perception that the Unplugged music festival targets well-to-do Zimbabweans from Harare’s  north of Samora Machel avenue, the emergence of an almost similar fete in Madirirano came as sweet news for the ghetto youths from largely the southern side who could not afford transport and entry fee to attend uptown events.

The aura, artists line-up, venue and pricing for Madirirano perfectly suited an ordinary ghetto resident’s lifestyle.

Holding all its editions at Takashinga Cricket Club, Highfield meant less hustle for ghetto youths from surrounding suburbs like Glennorah, Budiriro and Glenview in comparison to reaching “north of samora” where most music gigs are usually held.

However, several festivals later, Madirirano has moved uptown with the upcoming edition slated for Alexandra Sports Club on 21 December.

While word in the street says events from the previous edition in August prompted the promoter’s move away from the ghetto, organiser of the event Simbarashe “Bodyslam” Chakare has dismissed abandoning ghetto audience.

“Takashinga Cricket club is a ground for cricket which means they always give priority to cricket matches more than anything else and that is exactly what happened here. There is a cricket match on the day that is why we could not secure the venue, hence the move,” said Chakare.

In August, when Madirirano’s last edition was held, there was chaos as bouncers terrorized merrymakers  while pocketing significant amounts of gate takings which left the promoters counting losses.

Disturbed by those events, Bodyslam decided to call it quits only to rethink its decision before moving north shunning the ghetto youths.

This edition will be graced by Jamaican artist, Mr Easy along with local talent that includes Tocky vibes, Judgement Yard, Garry B and Templeman.

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