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Peter Moyo, Prophet Pambuka Team Up Against ‘Social Media Bullies’

Son to Sungura legend, Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo, Peter has taken radio and television personality, Oscar Pambuka’s stance and warned ‘social media bullies’ to expect relentless responses from him on every attack they launch at him.

The singer who also highlighted that he is a close friend to Pambuka, made the remarks in an interview on national radio, PowerFM, expressing how people fail to understand that celebrities are also human beings.

“We are also human beings, we have feelings as well. I do not understand why people expect celebrities to be comfortable with all forms of mockery that come their way on social media,” he said.

“People need to understand that we are human beings too. In my case, if you attack me on social media I will definitely respond to you in the same manner you used to approach me,” said Moyo.

A little over a month ago, Pambuka had also come out in defence of his clap backs on social media saying, “social media is a fountain of vampires who think they can just attack you and get away with it. They think that because I am popular, I will censor words in my responses or may not even answer back at all.”

Besides opening an easier channel to advance their reach, social media has also given artists and celebrities a voice and platform to interact on a more intimate level with their fans. Some of the most outspoken artists on social media include urban groover Nox, Mai Titi and Pokello.

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