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Self-Styled Prophet Oscar Pambuka Sanitizes Mbanje Smoking

Controversial radio and television personality cum prophet Oscar Pambuka has indicated that he has no problem with marijuana smokers and drunkards attending church services at his newly found Oscar Pambuka Ministries.

Pambuka made the remarks in an interview on PowerFM yesterday where he stated that the word of God liberalises people’s food and liquor consumption.

“The word of God says there is no problem with what your mouth consumes. What comes out of it after taking whatever you would have taken is what becomes a problem. So I do not have a problem with those who smoke or drink whatever they want,” he said.

The 34-year-old also justified his gross social media clap-backs saying they are responses best suited for vampires on the platforms who think they can just attack anyone and get away with it.

Meanwhile, Pambuka went all the way out to defend the way he has dealt with ‘vampires’ on social media.

“Social media is a fountain of vampires who think they can just attack you and get away with it. They think that because I am popular, I will censor words in my responses or may not even answer back at all.

“But no, if someone comments on my wall the vampire way I will just follow the same route when I respond,” he said.

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Pambuka hogged the limelight last week with an announcement that people should start referring to him as Prophet Pambuka and that he had founded the Oscar Pambuka Ministries which had its first service last Sunday.

Speaking on PowerFM, Pambuka said he had a decent turn out at his first service although it had a lot of spies.

“There was quite an impressive turnout, over 50 people showed up for the first service although I could notice a lot of moles and observers,” said Pambuka.

The former television presenter became popular with his unique news reading art and the programme ‘Melting Pot’ where he would grill leaders in different sectors of the economy.

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