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Professor Moyo, Magaisa, Rebuke Mangwana

Exiled former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has thrown brickbats at the Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana describing him as an evil servant following his remarks in which he exonerated the military from the death of six civilians in a post-election violence on the 1st of August 2018.

Writing on Twitter today, Professor Moyo rebuked Mangwana for taking sides in the on going investigations into 1st of August shootings.

“You are an evil civil servant. Your office is required by the new Constitution to be neutral. You’ve been asked by the Motlanthe Commission to submit authentic footage on the 1 Aug killings from the international media. And you post this crap. No media should cooperate with you!” Moyo wrote.

Mangwana had earlier posted that those who killed civilians have a case to answer as their aim was to smear the government and its state security institutions by creating chaos in the country.

“It is those who killed civilians in cold blood in order to besmirch the government and the military and create a crisis who have a lot to atone for. And those are not in the army or Government,” he wrote.

United Kingdom based lawyer and academic Alex Magaisa said the former Zanu PF United Kingdom representative was not being sincere when his statement suggests that there were other people besides the military who shot to death civilians on the fateful day.

“This is very low, even by the Zim Government standards When news of deaths broke you shamelessly called it fake. When it became obvious that you were wrong, you retracted. Now with this one wonders whether you were ever sincere at all in your retraction. This is low,” Magaisa wrote.

Speaking to Alex Magaisa’s Big Saturday Read last weekend Professor Moyo let the cat out of the bag when he revealed that military generals have been involved in politics confessing that in 2013 he worked with the then Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces General Constantino Chiwenga to retain Zanu PF in power and its leader Robert Mugabe.


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