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Residents urged to fire reluctant office bearers

Residents in Harare have been urged to fire office bearers who are not delivering.

Speaking at a discussion entitled: Who is in charge at Town House: Understanding the Politics of Social Service Delivery in Harare held on Wednesday 4 March 2015, Professor Lovemore Madhuku said that residents have the power to fire reluctant councillors, MPs, Ministers as well as the President.

“If your councillor is not delivering you (residents) have the supremacy to fire that councillor. You elected them into office so you have the power to elect them out,” said Madhuku.

Professor Madhuku, who is a lawyer by profession, advised residents to be responsible and hold office bearers accountable.

“If you are failing to be responsible at that level that’s your fault, you can’t stay with a councillor who is unable,” said the National Constitutional Assembly leader.

He went on to say that the law is clear as it allows residents to demonstrate.

Munongoenda kakumba kwa councillor makawanda moti hatichakudi, motanga na councillor moenda kwa MP then mozoenda KwaGushungo .(you go to the councillors house and fire him/her then tou do the same to the MP as well as the President)

“The logic of the law is to provide people with rights and freedoms so that if something is not in their interest they exercise these freedoms,” said Madhuku.

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Last Madzivanyika, former Chitungwiza Acting Chamber Secretary reverberate Madhuku’s views when she said that  “if you have no water you have the right to approach your councillor and demand to know what is happening”.

She also blasted councillors saying they do not represent the views of the people.

“Once elected councillors will sit in meetings claiming to be representing people yet they have other motives. Councillors lie in council meetings and they also bring wrong feedback which is contrary to what the people are saying,” said Madzivanyika.

Madzivanyika also urged resident to vote wisely as some of the elected local authorities elected don’t have a clear picture of what is happening.

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