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REVIEW: Rachel J drops Strong Black Man video

Rachel J

Songstress Rachel J has dropped her much-anticipated body of work titled Strong Black Man, which is essentially a celebration of the African men for their love, tenderness and care.

Directed by Simba Gee and co-directed by Rachel J herself, the song expresses gratitude to men who stand out in fending for their families.

The Spirit Fingers produced track is an Afro-fusion song that also features Novi Keys on vocals.

Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the video is that Rachel J dared to flaunt her baby bump.

The baby bump is a sign of continuity, love and life and it is only appropriate that she shot the video while she was expecting.

Half the time, women only appreciate men when they are showered with expensive gifts including cars, houses or jewellery but that is not what Rachel J is singing in this song.

“It is basically an appreciation and a celebration of Strong Black Man not in the physical form but emotionally and spiritually.

“I’ve come to realize that more often than not women don’t sing about men or even appreciate them and yet they work so hard for their families.

“The song is about men who give back to society, the providers, it is about that man every woman yearns for. The prince charming we always dream of. One who will give you a massage when you need it or better still love you for who you are,” she explained the song.

According to Rachel J, there are still good men out there, though few, and she feels it is about time women change the narrative.

The song was partly inspired by Rachel J’s own personal experience.

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