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Sanctions Not Detrimental To Economy: EU

Sanctions imposed by the  European Union have no negative impact on the performance of Zimbabwe ailing economy EU ambassador to Zimbabwe Timo Olkkkonen has said.

By Marshal Bwanya

Olkokonen made these remarks on Monday at a press club briefing hosted by MISA-Zimbabwe at local hotel.

The EU ambassador to Zimbabwe reiterated that sanctions imposed by the EU on the country were targeted at restrictive measures on arms embargo and perpetrators of human rights abuses.

“Sanctions imposed by EU are highly legal instruments targeted at the former presidential couple, the Zimbabwe Defense Forces commander, the minister of agriculture and vice president Constantino Chiwenga.

“These sanctions impose an arms embargo between EU and the Zimbabwe defense forces, they are however of no negative consequences on commercial trade, as Zimbabwe has a free market trade agreement since 2008,” he said.

Olkkonen’s remarks come in the wake of the Mnangagwa-led administration having been  blaming sanctions for the current economic meltdown lately.

“The Contonou agreement between EU and Zimbabwe promoted political dialogue, that has not always taken place because of difficulties in relations.

“Zimbabwe can export duty free products to EU countries and currently has 256 million Euros surplus with the EU,” Olkkonnne said.

The ambassador assured that EU was committed to assisting Zimbabwe’ s effort to resuscitate the economy by availing 80 million Euros to assist Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector.

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