Side Netting — EPL Matchday 26

City keep trucking, 20 wins in a row now, Arsenal upset top 4 hopefuls Leicester, It was the Gareth Bale show vs Burnley, Firmino finally scores and Player fucking two plays out another drab draw at Chelsea.

CITY — So apparently City played their “B” team against Westham. SMH, y’all can miss with that bullshit. The nerve of some people calling players like Aguero, Fernandinho and Walker “B” team players. City are spoilt for choice. These so called “B” team players walk into any starting 11 in the EPL, its not even debatable. Anyway on to the match and Westham did something no other team has really done against City. They said “f**k it, we going for it, and they genuinely did and tried to win the game. Thing is though, City are just too good man. At some point they put into 5th gear and got their goals. And then they brought on the “A” Team, Foden, Jesus and em. Must be nice to be a City fan right now. Totally dominant, utterly unstoppable. I fucking hate them!!!

Arsenal upset Leicester, and in the spirit of rotation, the Gunners played their “B” team LMAO. A rather nothing game for the Gunners but a Big one for Brenda and his Leicester team. Pepe and of all people WILLIAN ran the show. Willian who has been SHIT all season finally showed up. For Leicester this was bad, Harvey Barnes went off with what looks like a season ending injury, and Maddison was already out, then Johnny Evans was taken out with minutes to go. Looks like Brenda is going to choke top 4 again. Not all his fault but if he doesn’t want the stigma of being a choker, this is where he has got to earn his money.

Sp*rs beat a rather hapless Burnley. Gareth Bale making a habit of showing up and showing out against mid to low level opposition LOL. I mean midweek he ran the show against a terrible europa league team from Austria and now he has done the same against Burnley. So to be fair, the Kane, Son, Bale trident looked really good, but against better opposition Mou will put shackles on the team and we will see negative football again.

BIG GAME: UTD v Chelsea — WHAT A BORING GAME. MY GAWD!!!! UTD have been awful against the big Six. they haven’t won a single game and have only score ONE goal, in a bloody draw. Chelsea weren’t much better. They huffed and puffed but really offered no cutting edge. This game played just like it did when Fat Frank was at the helm, both managers afraid to lose, afraid to take a risk. For Player 2 this is more of a point gained. Arsenal did them a solid when they beat Leicester, so no ground was gained on UTD. In the end you look at those teams on the pitch and you realize there is not a single Striker of quality out there. And don’t talk to me about Giroud please, what a poser! So with no quality upfront, where were the goals going to come from?

Liverpool finally took care of business and put Sheffield down. They took their time but in the end the got there. Firmino missed some guilt edged chances but in the end got on the scoresheet. Liverpool terrible run of form has left them out the Top 4. Champions league qualification is a must for Liverpool, they don’t wanna go back to Thursday night football, playing in some country against a team whose name you can’t even pronounce.

The EPL has been terrible this year, I think LaLiga has been worse, but that’s another story. City are the only team that has shown consistency and actual quality of a sustained period. Whem you have Westham and Everton challenging for Top 4 (Truly challenging), you know these are trouble times.

Power Rankings

  1. City — “A” team, “B” Team …. Potato, POTATO… Doesn’t really matter who plays, THEY WIN!
  2. UTD — Player 2 is SHIT, rah rah boys think 2nd is an accomplishment. SMH
  3. Leicester — Brenda is losing it, I told y’all this would happen.
  4. Westham — I love this team right now. I think they will finish around 6th of 7th though
  5. Chelsea — Almost as boring as UTD. They need a number ONE striker

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