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T Freddy In Bid To Have His Music, Church Programs Restored On ZBC

Goodness and Mercy Ministries founder Prophet T Freddy has written to the national broadcaster, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) requesting to have his music, commercial and non-commercial radio programs restored.

ZBC suspended T Freddy’s music and programs across all stations pending the outcome of a court case in which their employee Rutendo Makuti reported the popular preacher for rape.

In a letter to ZBC Acting Director Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, Rumbidzai Moyo gleaned by this publication, T Freddy requested that the national broadcaster restore his music and church programs on air following his acquittal.

The letter dated 2 November 2021, the state broadcaster wrote to the Goodness and Mercy Ministries leader advising him of the suspension of his church programs to “allow the due court processes to take place … to prevent any conflict of interest that may affect the legal processes”.

T Freddy, through his lawyer, Jivas Mudimu of Mudimu Law Chambers contends that since he was cleared of all rape and physical abuse charges by the court of law, his music and the suspended commercial and non- commercial programs must be restored on air so that he does not suffer prejudice.

He also highlighted that in the interest of fairness, ZBC must also consider that two of their employees; Rutendo Makuti and Maushe Mutetepi an engineer, who both stand accused of extortion in a case in which he is the complainant were allowed to continue reporting for duty despite the criminal charges they face before the courts, at the risk of damaging the reputation of the national broadcaster.

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It is against this background that Freddy sought recourse considering the huge audience his music, commercial and non-commercial programs commanded before they were summarily pulled off air.

Moreover, his church ministry has been religiously paying for their commercial programs since 2015.

ZBC is still yet to respond to the request.

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