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‘The Only Good Story to Come Out of Covid-19’

2020 which began as a promising year for most businesses, turned out to be the worst with the surge of Covid-19 and reinforcement of the lockdowns worldwide but for Royal Palace Furnitures there was light at the end of the tunnel.

The constant uncertainty over how people were to live their lives, the underlying anxiety about the devastating consequences of the disease and the impact to mental health triggered by social isolation and financial concerns had been some of the more difficult factors during an incredibly tough past 12 months for Royal Palace Furnitures.

Royal Palace furnitures was not exempted from this low blow as every business had to adjust to the new normal which is working from home and pushing for the business to keep moving in the dire moments of Covid-19.

All hope was lost as most companies closed down while workers were retrenched and sent back home.

However while one-fourth of companies saw sales falling by 50 percent in October-January from pre-pandemic levels, a third said their sales increased or stayed the same.

One of the managers at Royal Palace Furniture’s told 263Chat on how they weathered the storm to stay afloat during the most trying time.

“We made the choice to be proactive and create our own future; we made the choice to be the author of our own story.

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“Adapting to the new normal was what Royal Palace had to do to move forward. It was not easy marketing a furniture company during a pandemic but it had to be done. Creativity, connection, and community are some skills that we used to navigate survival in the face of adversity.

“We came to realize that even though a lot of people had lost their jobs and buying furniture had become a luxury it’s not everyone that had given up. Majority of the populace ventured into working online that meant people were still making money therefore they still could make money too.” he said.

Royal Palace Furniture’s ran by the mantra “We believe that a home should not only look like one but should feel like it too”.

E-commerce demand and social media engagement was growing and their success story was a product of doubling down on social media.

“We invested in social media marketing which included a working online store, active social media pages and a user friendly website. We also made sure they had appealing images of furniture, how to place it and how it can be used in the household.

Royal Palace Furniture’s goal was to make sure we lived up to the company name. Our online presence oozed of royalty clients could not resist,” he added.

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The company began getting orders and these grew by the day during the same pandemic that they thought had knocked them down.

Since then they have been constantly on the lookout for new ways to deliver quality to their clients and to date have reached their 10 000th order.

After having to downsize and review their strategy, their community and sales increased amazingly.

Royal Palace Furniture’s is confident that they will continue being leaders in the furniture industry.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 created an ongoing demand for customized websites and applications. A digital strategy became a necessity and at Royal Palace Furniture’s they began to see the value of a digital marketing plan which resulted in a boost in sales during a pandemic.

This pandemic clearly forced companies to accelerate their shift towards online presence.

A website is the first thing a client or customer looks up.

Therefore when they shifted their focus towards Royal Palace Furniture’s online presence they have been receiving clients who are willing to pay top dollar for their quality products.

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