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Tsvangirai:Martin Luther King Of Our Time


Fighting for democracy and against human oppression was what the late Movement for Democratic Change Leader and former Prime minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai was known for.

Like Martin Luther King Jr, Tsvangirai dared Zimbabweans to dream again. He gave them hope of freeing themselves and enjoy the fruits of democracy.

He was a leader who would listen to people’s pleas. Not only that, the people would also listen when he spoke, such is the man that Tsvangirai was.

Tsvangirai stood for the people of Zimbabwe during the time when it was a taboo to support the opposition but he was a brave and courageous man who stood against the dictatorship and oppressive nature of former President Robert Mugabe.

In 2005, he was beaten up and was brought to court, struggling to stand upright with a deep gash on the side of his head but he was refusing medical treatment until all his fellow detainees were allowed to go to hospital.

The allegations were that he had convened an illegal gathering after he tried to attend a prayer meeting.

The then Intelligence  minister, Didymus Mutasa in 2015 revealed that Mugabe lost the 2008 elections to Tsvangirai with enough votes to assume the presidency.

However, Tsvangirai did not  go into office as it was reported that the former President was ready to cede power until the then Justice Minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa, now President, triggered a constitutional clause that required presidential contestants to get 50% plus one vote in order to take power.

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Like Martin Luther King who ‘had a dream of equality’, Tsvangirai did not lose hope despite all the humiliation and beatings for he once said he will never rest until Zimbabweans are free and until the country hold free and fair elections

However, the freedom fighter failed to fight against colon cancer while he was set to go against Mnangagwa for the 2018 general election, like Martin Luther King again, he died fighting for the freedom of fellow citizens.

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