I Will Restore Bulawayo’s Industrial Hub Status: Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa, President of the Movement for Democratic Change has promised to restore Bulawayo to its industrial hub status, saying the city has for long been abandoned, neglected and forgotten by the Zanu PF regime.

In a statement released recently, Chamisa hinted that his administration will devolve power to all regions and communities to ensure that local people are empowered to make decisions.

“On Saturday, the MDC and its Alliance partners move to Bulawayo, the country’s second largest city which features prominently in our vision as the hub and industrial capital of the new Zimbabwe.

“In the Easter spirit of the power of resurrection, we are committed to resuscitate Bulawayo as the country’s industrial hub.

“The city of Kings and Queens has for long been abandoned, neglected and forgotten, thanks to the legendary ineptitude of the party now occupying the seat of government,” said Chamisa.

He accused the current government for continuing the ‘Hararenization’ of essential services saying development should be felt in all corners of the country so that everyone feels a sense of belonging.

“Devolution is the true involvement of a people in the management of their own affairs and in the new Zimbabwe; we do not wish to continue this Hararenization of key national essential activities and services.

“Indeed, to devolve is to involve and in the new Zimbabwe, devolution will be a reality so that all local communities are part of the national governance system.

“For me, Bulawayo is special. Bulawayo should reclaim its status as the industrial capital of the country and as the centre of innovation,” added Chamisa.

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