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ZanuPF Wants Chamisa Banned From Using Yellow Colors

Zanu-PF Youth League boss, Tendai Chirau has called on the immediate ban of the use of yellow colours by opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

The youthful leader launched a new party, the  Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), after months of fighting for the MDC Alliance name which was grabbed by Douglas Mwonzora, albeit through the aid of court rulings.

Chamisa’s outfit adopted yellow colours on its launch last week, ditching the red colours associated with the Mwonzora led party, which sent the nation into a frenzy.

However, ZanuPF says the yellow colour belongs to them and Chamisa must not be allowed to use it.

“When the liberation struggle was fought, it was Zanu PF that mobilised the masses and one of the key fundamentals was the fight for mineral resources, the fight for independence and that is why Zanu PF chose yellow as (one of) its colours. The reason was that it was symbolising the national resources in terms of mineral wealth,” Chirau said.

He added that the yellow is sacrosanct to Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth hence should be preserved.

“So these minerals we still have them up to this day and this explains why Zimbabwe has the largest number of artisanal miners and indigenous people who own minerals.

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“Yellow, to us, represents wealth, it’s not just the colour that we took on ourselves, but most importantly, you should also take the fact that we have four colours, (that is) green and yellow, red and black. These colours will never change because of someone who wants to take them. They remain our colours, they symbolise the importance of the rich minerals that we have,” Chirau noted.

Source: Newsday.

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