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VP Mohadi Challenges US$13 000 Maintenance Demand

Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s divorce case was before the High Court tomorrow  with the Mohadi challenging his ex-wife Tambudzani’s US$13 000 post divorce spousal maintenance demand.

The case, in which Mohadi urges  that the 97-year-old senator no longer has dependents to support, will appear before High Court judge Justice Ester Muremba.

The VP, Mohadi  was previously dragged to court by his ex-wife, Tambudzani, who is demanding $13 394 per month in spousal maintenance.

The two had a messy divorce which is still in the courts. Through her lawyers, Messrs Scanlen and Holderness, Tambudzani, who is also Beitbridge Senator, filed a court application on Monday this week. The matter is yet to be set down for hearing.

The VP’s ex- wife is alleging that while she was living with Mohadi before separating in 1999, the couple purchased various businesses which are now under her husband’s control. As a result she is now surviving on a minimal allowance from her political position as a senator.

Tambudzani said it was just and equitable for her to be awarded the sum of $13 394 per month as maintenance, which would enable her to enjoy and maintain a standard of living reasonably comparable to the standard of living she used to enjoy while living with Mohadi.

She also wants Mohadi to pay her legal costs to enable her to prosecute the pending divorce proceedings. Last month, Tambudzani petitioned the High Court seeking $1,5 million adultery damages from Mohadi’s alleged current wife, Juliet Mutavhatsindi, arguing she was still the VP’s legal spouse.

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