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VP Mohadi Has A Case To Answer: WCOZ

A local Women’s rights group, Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCOZ) is outraged by reports of violence allegedly perpetrated by Vice President Kembo Mohadi against Tambudzani Mohadi on the 30th of March 2019.

In a statement released today, the organization reiterates that every woman has the right to live a life free of violence and therefore strongly condemns any act of violence against women and girls, be it within the family, private or public spaces.

“Reports indicate that Vice President Kembo Mohadi threatened to kill Mrs Tambudzani and attacked her with a deformed steel bar.

“It has also been reported that such shocking acts were committed in the presence of members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). We believe that these are very serious allegations which require urgent investigations and due process of the law.

“It is in light of the many legal provisions against violence, that WCOZ believes that the alleged conduct of the Vice President is a lack of respect of the supreme law of the land and women. The battle against violence perpetrated on women and girls can never be won, when the perpetrators are men in whom the people have vested the authority and trust to lead the nation ” they said.

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The women led organization added, the Vice President of a nation should always be above reproach when it comes to violence and women’s rights issues. The Vice President being a servant of the people therefore should answer to the nation the allegations that have been leveled against him.

WCOZ further registered its displeasure at the alleged conduct of the members of the ZRP in whose presence this act is alleged to have been committed. The failure by the ZRP to address the issue raises concern over the critical institutions to adequately provide redress to survivors of violence in terms of emergency.

“WCOZ calls upon the judiciary to treat all cases of violence against women and girls with high priority and ensure that justice is served at all times” they emphasized.


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