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80-Year-Old Arcadia Woman Evicted

An 80-year-old Arcadia woman was on Wednesday evicted from her home of 25 years over an $18 000 debt carried over from the previous owners, 263Chat can reveal.

The senior citizen, Violet De Souza said her eviction was a travesty of justice considering that she has been living at the house since the 90s when she and her late husband used their gratuity to acquire the property in question.

“I have been staying in this house for 25 years and bought it together with my husband in the 90s,

“Now they have sold my house, taken my stuff out. They have evicted me from my home and I am not moving, where am I going to go at the age of 80?

“I am a senior citizen and I feel I have the right to be protected by the government. The government promised to do that, in his national speech when he became President, Mnangagwa said nobody should sent out or sell an elderly person’s home,” said De Souza.

When 263Chat arrived at De Souza’s house, all her belongings had been thrown out of the house at the order of the office of the Deputy Sherrif with the new owner’s lawyer, Oliver Masomera insisting that the evicted granny owed the previous owner $18 000.

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De Souza’s house helper, Patuma Yusufu said the issue began when she (De Souza) had gone to the United Kingdom for Uterus Cancer treatment.

“I have worked with Violet for years now and I took care of the house and her son in her absence when she was being treated of Uterus cancer in the United Kingdom. This is when lawyer (Oliver Masomera) started coming through claiming that they owed $18 000 from the previous tenants,

“Masomera later changed the figures from $18 000 to $13 000 but Violet did not have the money to pay these dues. The house was then sold without her consent for $50 000 and she still has not received that money,

“The buyer, David Muneni said he is a CIO and can buy the house whether they like it or not. Masomera would even threaten to sell the house without Violet’s consent,” noted Yusufu.

She added that after refusing to sign consent forms to have the house sold, the lawyer gave De Souza a 48 hour ultimatum to vacate the premises.

“She refused to sign the papers to sell the house, however on Monday they came back asking us to move out stating that the house had been bought and the court had ruled out that we move out,

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“They came back today with weapons threatening to kill our dogs and destroy the house,” said Yusufu.

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