ALAS Group Expands Into Southern Africa

International aviation consultancy firm, Alas Group has announced its expansion into the Southern African aviation market as it seeks to harness opportunities that have arisen during the post-COVID-19 recovery.

With representation in Europe, the United States of America, Central and Southeast Asia, ALAS GROUP, is now extending an operation to Southern Africa, with envisioned presence, in Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

This comes at a time travelling restrictions have been gradually relaxed and cargo movement across the globe has significantly improved.

“ALAS GROUP, is an international aviation consultancy organization, poised at connecting continents with its tested and proven aviation business solutions. With over 25 years’ worth of experience in the aviation industry, our in-depth knowledge and expertise, supports a variety of customers all over the world, together with a network of global partners, thereby making the group a preferred all-rounder to date,” said Shelton Nkomo, ALAS Group, Public Relations Consultant.

In connection with the inauguration of the Southern African establishment, the Chairman of the Group, Dustin Paul Wilden said: “Today marks a significant step in the journey of ALAS GROUP as we continue to endeavor in our global expansion. Our new establishment in Southern Africa, sets another milestone for the Group as we continue to pursue our global growth strategy. We are looking forward to working with local stakeholders and governments, establishing long term and mutually satisfying relations with key customers, creating jobs and supporting economic growth in the region consistent with the SDG’s.”

In its third quarter (Q3) statement, the Group said output during the second and third quarters was above last year’s pre-pandemic level.

It also said Q4 travel bookings shows visible improvements compared to Q4 2020, although it still fell below pre-crisis levels.

During Q2, the Group assisted the USAID program with transportation of medical supplies from America to the Indian subcontinent.

In cooperation with the Orlando, Florida based National Airlines and local government officials, the Group’s team in Asia was instrumental in supporting their Boeing 747-400’s with operational planning and execution, carrying crucial medical supplies to help fight the pandemic in the region

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