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Arab League Welcomes Declaration of President Al-Bashir to 2019 as Year of Peace 

The Council of the Arab League at the level of envoys Monday issued a decision welcoming the declaration of President Omer Al-Bashir to 2019 as the year of peace and stability in Sudan.

The League’s Council also appreciated the efforts of Sudan government for bolstering security and stability in accordance with outcome of the national dialogue’s initiative.

The decision has affirmed full solidarity with Sudan to maintain its sovereignty, independence and the integrity of its territories, besides the rejection to any intervention in its internal affairs.

The Arab League’s decision called on the gun-holders to join the peace and national dialogue process in accordance with the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur.

The decision has praised Sudan efforts for realizing peace and reconciliation in the Republic of South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

The Arab League’s decision called on the United States to remove Sudan from its list of countries sponsoring terrorism, appreciating the efforts being exerted by the Arab Parliament in this connection.

Meanwhile, the Arab League’s Council has called on the member states and Arab funds to support Sudan efforts for writing off its debts.

The council also called for speeding up the arrangements to hold an Arab conference for supporting the development and rehabilitation in Sudan.

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The Arab League’s Council at the level of envoys has appreciated the efforts of Sudan in combating illegal immigration and human trafficking as well as Sudan hosting to big numbers of refugees from neighboring countries.

The council has called for implementation of the initiative of President Omer Al-Bashir on Arab food security.

Meanwhile, Sudan Ambassador to Egypt and permanent envoy to the Arab League, Abdul-Mahmoud Abdul-Halim, said that the council will submit its decision on Sudan to the Arab Foreign Ministers’ meeting on March 6 for approval.


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