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A Poignant Story Of A Cyclone Idai Victim

A touching story of a Cyclone Idai victim from Chimaninami explaining her double tragedy, what has happened to her life and how she has lost hope. The victim also spoke about her need for assistance including her nine year old daughter who…

Kadoma Farm Evictions: The Real Story

Residents at Hope Farm in Kadoma were forcibly evicted from a farm they have been residing for over 18-years. The eviction has not come without cost to farmers one of them left counting losses after his ready to harvest tobacco was…

Chinotimba Backs Harare Mayor Gomba

Chinotimba Backs Harare Mayor Gomba Buhera South Member of Parliament Joseph Chinotimba is supporting the removal of vendors in the streets. Chinotimba said that he was against all vendors in town as they are selling everywhere even in…
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