Chamisa Readies Supporters for National Shut down

Chamisa Readies the country for National Shut down

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) President, Nelson Chamisa has vowed not to back off from his planned mass protests to force President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government out of power.

Chamisa who is on a national tour, speaking to party supporters on the way forward following his electoral loss in the July 30 harmonised elections told thousands of Beitbridge residents that he will soon give a signal on the envisaged action.

“After touring the whole country I will give you a signal so that we all follow the direction. Beyond a thank you I have also come to tell you that this is the direction we are taking.

“Prepare as we are going to announce how we intend to enrol our program of action in peace.  The country’s constitution allows for protests according to the section 59. If you are with us we will not back off.  We are with you,” he said.

Chamisa dismissed President Emmerson Mnangagwa as an illegitimate whose foreign engagements will not bear any fruits until the “political impasse born out of disputed election” is resolved.

“We are going to form the next legitimate government in this country. What you are seeing is a non-event. They are now in the middle of nowhere. There must be a respect of the will of the people for this country to move forward,” added Chamisa.

He said Mnangagwa’s administration had no clue on how to tackle economic challenges currently facing the country.

“Mnangagwa is incapable, incompetent and incapacitated to deal with the magnitude of this crisis, thus they should allow us to take over the levers of power,” said Chamisa.

MDC Womens’ Assembly chairperson, Lynette Karenyi reiterated Chamisa’s position on the ‘Mnangagwa must go’ chorus saying life has become difficult for the ordinary person in Zimbabwe.

“When Mugabe was in power, meat was sold at $3.50 per kg, however, after Mnangagwa took office meat is now sold at $17 per kg, he must go.”

“Mushonga hakusisina kuri kunzi huya ne US dollar. Tinoriwanepi  ivo vakatora mari dzedu vakadya. Iwe ukaenda  kubank unopiwa bond asi unonzi tenga mushonga we BP ne US dollar,  enough is enough he must go.

“Izvi zvinorevei, zvinoreva kuti  ihurumende isina chekuita nevanhu.  Varikuti kana uine BP usamwa mushonga uone kufa, varikuti kana uine asthma usamwa mushonga kuti uone kufa,  ndiani angada hurumende yakadaro,” questioned Karenyi.

Chamisa is on a nationwide tour dubbed ‘Thank You rallies’ and is also using the same meetings to consult his supporters on the way forward following what he insists was a disputed election.

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