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Chitungwiza Based Church Empower Women On Preserving Marriages

Chitungwiza based Church Victory Power International Ministries last week hosted a Women’s Conference in Zengeza to teach women on how to preserve their marriages.

According to organizers of the event, Bishop Believe and Pastor Paradise, the Women’s Conference was aimed at addressing issues of divorce that have become prevalent in this day.

Chitungwiza based Bishop Paradise preaching at the Women’s Conference

Bishop Paradise said it is worrying for us as spiritual leaders that we are having weddings every week in our churches but those marriages do not last long.

“Our culture has been eroded because the aunts and uncles of these days are no longer teaching children about how to maintain marriages, so after observing this we decided to host this conference.

“I am a Pastor who stand for women, I believe the nation is built by women, every house need a women with a vision to move forward, this is the reason why God created Eve for Adam,” said Pastor Mitchel.

She added that she has taught a lot of women on how to dress, how to be a house wife and so many things, with those who listened having changed their life.

The conference attracted a thousand of couples from all corners of Zimbabwe.

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