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Chitungwiza Indaba Roars into Life

Chitungwiza Local Governance Convention kicked off today, under the theme “Enhancing Social Service Delivery Through social Accountability and Digital Media.”

By Philemon Jambaya and Munashe Chokoodza

The convention drew participants from all corners of the dormitory city including the suspended Mayor Gift Tsverere and his Deputy also present at this crucial meeting.

Speaking to 263Chat Admire Mujamara who is the Chitungwiza Community Development Network manager said the meeting is important as it give a platform to residents to interact with decision makers.

“Residents get an opportunity to interact with decision makers from Chitungwiza and knowing the relationship between Well Cash and council” said Mujamara.

The town council financial director Evangelista Machona was also part of the people who attend the Indaba and she managed to highlight some issues which the residents wanted to know.

Addressing the people who attended the Indaba, Machona said their relationship with Well Cash is now a thing of the past.

“Councils relationship with Well Cash was terminated and the town is no longer dealing with the debt collectors and we are in talks as they are disputing the termination saying we still have a running contract” said Machona

The Indaba continues tomorrow.

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