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Fans Rip Into Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist


Underground hip-hop musician, R-Peels -real name Bruce Mungoyo has stirred social media controversy after labelling a section of his music consumers as ‘losers’.

Posting on Microblogging site, Twitter, R-Peels hinted that artists could make much more than “losers” working in  conventional 9am to 5pm jobs.

“Dear Artists, 500 fans who buy your album for 5dollars is 500X5 2500Us$, that’s More than most these in office losers salaries,” R-Peels wrote.

The tweet attracted backlash from Twitter community who described the sentiments as reckless considering that a section of his fan-base consists of office workers.

“Losers in offices are the ones that do buy your stuff. You should understand the chain web!” wrote user @Lani_Twala.

“This is bad math wangu 1. You dont sell 500 albums a month 2. You have many fans but of that large number how many buy ur music? Less than 500 im sure… 3. Of those less than 500, atleast 80% of them are “office losers” that enjoy your music while at work”,” wrote @BrianWillisZw.

However, there was a section that saw R-Peels’ tweet as a marketing strategy to get people to follow his music.

“Izvi zvichaita kuti nyangwe nevasingamuzive vatange kutsvaga kuti anomboita nezvei. Probably that’s his agenda otherwise the maths right here is,” wrote @Desire Makunike.

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