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Fans Shoot Down Enzo’s ‘R1.2 Million’ Video

One thousand three hundred likes against a whooping 2 200 dislikes on YouTube (at the time of publishing) sums the level of distaste music lovers have for Enzo Ishall’s  R1.2 million worth, Highest Score, music video.

Soon after dropping his latest project which carries some very dark visuals, yesterday, knives were drawn out for the Magate singer with fans trashing his union with Prophet Passion Java which they believe has detoured the singer’s rightful path.

After listening to Enzo of Magate, Kanjiva, Mhamha amongst a host of his vernacular songs that catapulted him to the top it seems his fans have remained adamant to the typical Enzo they have grown to know and like.

Below are some social media reactions to Highest Score…

  • Okay first I like how you went out of your comfort zone to try out new things like kuimba in English it’s a journey for every artist to try out zvikudiwa nevanhu panguva iyoyoI hate the fact yekuti I can’t hear anything only pekuti highest score ,which makes it really difficult for people to understand the message you trying to put through , people can’t hear anything they are relying on the visuals and let’s be honest its trash ??The idea of wearing suits , drinking wine , flashy cars is not really bad tichitarisa hedu the message you trying to put through but sekuona kwangu hazvisi kupindirana especially with that your short dreadlocks it’s messy hazvina kathat issa noIn conclusion in my own opinion you failed drastically , but let just wait and see maybe the song will grow on us but I highly doubt it


  • Aehwa enzo haaa ma lyrics acho ujumaziva here or ukungoimba zvawakanzi uimbe napapa dzokera hako kumagate that’s yo music izvi haa NO unozvidzikisa graph sekutamba uchajoiniswa satanism ko zvinenge zvitukwani zvii izvo


  • Enzo ndokufarira but apa haaa papa vakujufurira zvisirizvo u were doing so good alone


  • As your fan who is still enjoying mhamha I’m not feeling this one at all. I think papa vari kukukanyira Enzo. Be yourself coz wanga urikugona wani.


  • Go back to your humble beginning and only God will lift you up. Do not trust in wolves who come in sheep’s clothing. That video is full of darkness. I wouldn’t be proud to display such a dark video especially to your younger fans. You’re a public figure now. Becareful who you mix with. You’re going places, drop the wolves and work with God and His angels, they will lift you up. The devil comes to kill steal and destroy Enzo. We pray for any spirit of destruction to be destroyed in Jesus name!


    • My question for yu is…. Whe those animations necessary, how ar they addressing our daily struggles? Mayb yu can tell me…. Remember sir, yo fans ar yo greatest base of fame… Consider their queries and u will always b on the right track… For example Jah praizer he wanted to get involved n politics n thina the fans felt betrayed but he came right back on track n we still rally behind him….. Don’t. Neglect yo fan base my guy… These gibberish videos hav raised a whole lot of concerns from yo fans


  • Very dope song people for Zimbabwe will never be ready for higher levels they only settle for less shame, this song goes international don’t be discouraged for they no nothing about music only museve shame my country.

Meanwhile Enzo has since disabled the comment section seeing the amount of backlash he was receiving soon after release.

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