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Harare’s Best African Attire Boutique….African Styles


African print outfits originated in West Africa as a representation of their culture and identity but slowly they have taken the international market by storm and becoming the whole of Africa’s identity attire including here in Zimbabwe.

This week 263Chat visited African Styles Boutique located at number 238 Herbert Chitepo Avenue and 7th Street in Harare to get an insight into the world of African identity attire.

The African Styles Boutique team has mastered the technique of designing and tailoring African print material for both men and women to perfection.

For men’s wear, African Styles has managed to adjust and design clothing that suit the younger generation or youths against the perception that African print outfits is meant for the older generation.

Young men of today according to Liliosa Kadzere African Styles manager, “want clothes that are sewn to the ham, hence we adjusted on our designs to accommodate the youths concerning slim fits.”


African attire blazers for young men

The boutique is the game changer for Zimbabwean women who had embraced the African print way back in time and well before their male counter parts.

According to African Styles, other business operators are resorting to substandard material in a bid to make profit especially on the lining which doesn’t last long, they are still in the game to serve their customers with quality outfits made from quality material.

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Having started in 2014, the shop has grown and is now selling accessories and slopes which when coupled with an African Styles outfit would present a total Afro identity.

Desisting from using low quality fabric to make outfits, the boutique has earned a good reputation such that regardless of being located in the outskirts of the Central Business District (CBD), customers keep trickling towards to African Styles in pursuit of satisfaction.


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