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Kwekwe Based Hip-hop Artiste Drops New Album

Kwekwe-based upcoming hip-hop musician Phreshy, real name Precious Herschneider Frank, will on the 15th of August drop a 13-track album titled Camouflage the Transcend.

In an interview with 263Chat, Phreshy said the new offering speaks to her life trials and how she managed to cope with the situation.

“Camouflage the Transcend album talks about my story of adaptation to any situation in my life. Like the camouflage (camo), I blend in, be it good or rough times I soldier on till I pull through. Camouflage album consists of 13 tracks with different storylines, sounds and emotions.

“One of the tracks is titled Roverei which talks about how I grew up in a toxic environment and how GBV affected me. I have never shared this part of my life before and I just felt like the camo season would be the right time.”

The album is a blend of different genres including hip-hop, RnB, caribbean, drill, afro-pop and electro.

The tracks were produced by Vic Enlisted, Afrow Zenda, Dj States and Ashmanz.

Artists featured on the album include Dough Major, The Ammartian, Natasha Muz, Afrow Zenda, Tshaka, Kanter the Janter, Monzon&Shian, Dancehall Kedha, Malcom Mufunde and Uziboy from Nigeria.


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