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2640 Animals Moved From Save Valley Conservancy

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) has issued permits for the transfer of 2640 animals from the Save Valley Conservancy to three other national parks – Tsapi, Chizarira and Mavhuradonha.

This follows countless cases of human wildlife conflicts in communities surrounding the Save Valley Conservancy.

In an interview with 263Chat, ZimParks Spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo said the transfer of the animals is part of their efforts to decongest overpopulated game parks.

“This is part of our long-term plan to decongest overpopulated game parks. It will also a security stance to keep our animals safe.

“It’s a way to protect our habits so it is and it is the second time where we are transporting a huge number of animals” said Farawo.

The animals to be relocated include 400 elephants, 2,000 impalas, 70 giraffes, 50 zebras, 50 buffaloes, 50 elands and 10 lions.

In the first half of 2022, Zimbabwe lost more than 40 lives to human-wildlife conflicts.

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