Labour movements condemn 13th cheque suspension

Labour movements in the country have expressed agony over government’s suspension of the civil servants bonuses.

This follows government’s decision to scrape civil servants’ annual bonuses for the next two years claiming that the move will create fiscal space to stimulate full economic recovery.

The government which still has an outstanding $13, 4 million bonus obligation to state universities is under fire for passing on the decision without consulting civil servants.

In an interview with 263Chat today, Japhet Moyo, the Secretary General of Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) blasted government for passing crucial decisions without the involvement of stakeholders.

“This is not proper as government is failing to consult people involved .We are not sure whether that was said and if it was said, who was it said to? Who was consulted? Quizzed Moyo adding that there is a negotiation forum between government and the civil servants, which  the government choose to neglect.

Moyo went on to say that the annual bonuses are part of the employee’s contract and terminating them is tantamount to breaching the contract.

“The 13th cheque is part of the conditions of employment and yet the government went on to terminate it without consulting the worker. We are against such malicious act by the government.

“It is sarcastic of the government to cut bonuses yet it purchased land rovers costing over 1.4 million and is the same government which is saying its cash strapped.

The ZCTU leader vowed that his organisation will engage government to reinstate the bonuses.

Abiot Moyo of the Progressive Teachers Union Zimbabwe (PTUZ) said the position of civil servants has been exasperated.

“This is a hug blow not only to the workers but their families and parents, who would get aid during the 13th cheque month.

“The 13th cheque was used to try and balance the deficits that would have been incurred during the course of the year,” he said.

Meanwhile Zimbabwe Nurses Association has condemned government’s proposal to cut student nurses’ salaries.

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