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Money, Sex, Cousins..Whats New? ft Tinotenda Maveneka: New Zim Forum

Musa, Nyasha, Skittles, Miss Mona and John the Stray join Onai in this episode where they argue, yes literally argue about the fashion blogger from the UK who started a Gofundme to raise Visa money, wept online to NOT HAVE TO COME TO ZIMBABWE!!! .. (okay relax). They obviously talk about last weeks online argument about the ghetto ruining the UnPlugged, if people on twitter are really as “VekuJecha” as they claim to be and why people were mad at the boyfriend of the year. In a twist of “episode fate”, Onai, sits down with Tino Maveneka, a student from Monash South Africa who is part of the team running the New Zimbabwe Forum. They talk about what the forum is about and why young people should involved in it. In the feeling station, things go left when the crew discuss the hashtag, #ThingsMyParentsDontKnowAboutMe with the exploration of the phenomenon where people seem to be sleeping with their cousins. YIKES! twitter: @noognation facebook: The NOOGNATION Dont forget to share, comment and leave a review on itunes.. oro anywhere

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