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Musicians urged to utilise life plan

Musicians in the country have been urged to utilise the Old Mutual life plan so as to enjoy their life after they retire.

Speaking at an artiste round table discussion held in the capital yesterday, James Chakuchichi, a financial advisor at Old Mutual said musicians should invest in the life plan in order to enjoy life when they retire.

“We are concerned with the welfare of our musicians. In each and every time a musician rise, they have the golden years in which they do very well and in the later stage they tire and retire and this is the time we say work hard for your life and get insured,” said Chakuchichi.

There are many great lives which ended under unfortunate circumstances, due to changing tastes, inadequate laws, or personal weaknesses.

This is the case with many Zimbabwean artistes who seem to be departing with their fame. Despite his phenomenal rise to fame Biggie Tembo’s family is wallowing in poverty and his wife is now residing in a dilapidated two-roomed house in the Snake Park suburb.

Tembo who was one of the finest guitarists and at one point he rubbed shoulders with people like Madonna at Wembley Stadium where they shared a stage.

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This is also the same situation with James Chimbombe, who was a highly regarded lyricist. After his death the family is now living from hand to mouth.

The Somanjes – Daiton and Josphat are also victims of circumstances. In a blink of an eye, the once famous and talented Somanje brothers are now struggling to make ends meet.

Against all this background, Chakuchichi revealed that musicians should make use of every penny earned during the peak of one’s career.

“Music is a timeless investment that does not have a sunset zone in terms of sales and generating revenue.

“Informed by baggage of problems faced by artistes and their families especially in times of illness and death, I urge artists to insure themselves, their families as well as musical equipment,” said Chakuchichi.

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