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Sheer Publishing keen on improving local music


Sheer Publishing has expressed its interest in engaging with local artistes as a way of improving artistes’ global visibility.

Speaking at a colourful artists round table discussion held in the capital yesterday, David Alexander, the Managing Director of Sheer Publishing said that his organisation is grateful to represent artistes from Zimbabwe.

“We would like to work with more Zimbabwe song writers and singers and we would like to get some nice music to distribute around the world.

“We would like to assist in the development of Zimbabwean music,” said Alexander adding that Sheer Publishing is interested in the publishing side of music production.

He went on to say that the South African based music publisher would like to see associations publishing companies being formed in Zimbabwe to promote the work of musicians.

The company which is already working with musicians like Oliver Mtukudzi, Thomas Mapfumo and Victor Kunonga has offered Zimbabwean musicians a possible away of escaping piracy as well as  a way of generating more income from their music.

Sheer publishing will aid artists in collecting publishing, mechanical, public performance, synchronisation and print royalties.

Local musicians were also urged to compose English-African music for broad markets as songs appeal to income breakers.

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“Most Zimbabwean songs do not make it in the world market because they are produced in vernacular languages hence there is need to produce songs in English,” said Alexander

Zimbabwean musicians who are still far from gaining world recognition have been given a life time opportunity to improve their visibility for a cost that is close to nothing.

“For us it’s simply about a song, if you write a nice song we will take you,” said  Alexander adding that for one to join the Sheer Publishing the school fees is just getting into the studio and record a song.

William Ndinde, the Provincial Arts Manager of National Arts Council of Zimbabwe highly praised the initiative by Sheer Publishing saying that it improves the standards of local music.

“The move by Sheer gives artistes an opportunity for to know how they can generate income through other means other than performances,” said Ndinde.

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