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Ngolomi Releases Second Project ‘Takaenda Takaenda’ 

Upcoming gospel musician and elder brother to popular producer Lyton Ngolomi, Brian Ngolomi is set to release his second album titled Takaenda Takenda in Chitungwiza on Saturday.

The album will be launched at Alliance Church in Zimbabwe with seasoned gospel musicians such as Bethan Pasiwanako, Kudzi Nyakudya and Trymore Bande expected to grace the launch.

In an interview with 263Chat, Ngolomi said his six track album preaches the word of God to non believers hence the choice of Takaenda Takaenda which is a trending street lingo at the moment.

“All the six songs were produced by my brother Lyton Ngolomi and the he message on ‘Takaenda Takaenda’ album speak to people to receive Jesus and secure eternal life.

“On earth people need papers such as passports and visas to travel from one country to another, and to go to the country called heaven one needs the visa of having Jesus as their Lord,” said Ngolomi.

He added that the event is free of charge as he wants the album to reach as many people as possible.

“The launch is free of charge because my music more mature, and we spiced it by great collaborations with my friends in the industry such as Kudzi, Bande, Apostle Simba Makonese, Dispatch among others,” added Ngolomi.

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