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Mudiwa Hood Shuts Door On Female Socialites Throwing Themselves At Him


Multi-award-winning rapper Mudiwa Hood has thrown out the possibility of him settling with a public figure, a development that has been viewed as a message to socialites who were throwing themselves at him.

In a post circulating on social media, Mudiwa Hood highlighted that he is looking to settle with a woman who is not in the spotlight as it will save him from drama.

“I don’t see my self ever dating a public figure, NEVER! … those jokes by other public figures vachitamba havo saying Mudiwa am single, i believe are mere jokes… They aren’t serious its jus having fun, i know them its purely content i suppose… they are good people though…am sure ivo havadiwo a public figure besides zvema jokes izvi…

“God willing my marriage has to be with a very low key wife or partner… I have long moved from clout, spotlight and attention… It doesn’t interest me anymore… Money moves, Legacy and Empire building took over! I would love a very low key, respectful, well mannered, smart, God loving and drama free character… Someone ready to take on the world with, build a good life snd live our best life. I am not in a relationship because its not an easy decision, if i am to date i would love to marry my partner… so yeah!” he wrote on his Facebook.

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Social media users took this as a message to socialites, Lorraine Guyo and Anna Honde who often make moves at him. Just recently, Guyo posted a picture with Mudiwa which had many pressuring the rapper to date her – an idea she seemed to warm up to. On the other hand, Honde would often tag Mudiwa notifying him of her availability on the market.

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