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Residents Blast City of Harare Over Misplaced Priorities

Harare residents have blasted the city fathers over what they termed “misplaced priorities” following the announcement that the city had signed a Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) with Sesani Private Limited to establish a rail transport system known as Tramways.

The city fathers have been blamed for giving the green light to the latest development despite the city facing a host of challenges, including acute shortage of clean and safe water and uncollected refuse among other problems.

Announcing the development on Facebook, the city council said the trams will do away with transport woes, something which did not go well with the residents who accused the Movement for Democratic Change-led council of misplaced priorities.

Isabella Hayter Great noble idea but once again , didn’t COH have another brilliant plan to bring in solar buses, install cameras in the CBD , etc etc . It appears a lot of the plans are just ending up as plans, because of the politics and economics in our country that halt such projects from being implemented.

Patrick Tawanda Kamuti But only in their dreams can men be truly free. It was always thus and always thus will be. Dream on. But are’nt there other pressing priorities? Water, emergency services etc

Norma Mugwagwa People are dying of cholera and typhoid, your health department is in shambles, roads are littered with potholes, no running water, emergency services not functioning- first things first……

Lydia Gore Promises, promises and promises, two months ago we were promised state of the art mbudzi roundabout but nothing has been done

While there was a section that moved in support of the initiative.

Ankol Tusada I like this idea…for once I am proud of such use of brains in authority. A dream is worthless until you wake up and pursue it. I personally support the move…if all sectors could be as innovative as this then Vision 2030 will be realized with ease. Let’s go for it!!!

Keith Chikomo Yeeees now u are using yo brain. This is the idea and has been implemented in so many countries, yo bosses know that. Hope it won’t die as a feasibility study. Run a competitive tender for this and get competitive partnership like the east people i.e japan,china etc.This is now long overdue that’s why i cant congratulate u that much. I hope it will be done and other towns and cities do the same.

However, Harare city council has a target of attaining World Class City Status by 2025.

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